Apply to join the FVM Foundry’s Early Builders program

We are seeking individuals with expertise and interest in smart contract programming, large-scale data, compute-over-data, data governance (data DAOs), and more. They will become the pioneering members of the FVM Foundry.

The FVM Foundry brings together web3 devs with core developers from the FVM team. We aim to exchange knowledge and kickstart a Cambrian explosion of innovation on the Filecoin network with this synergy. Together, they will ensure that the FVM meets the technical requirements for the upcoming apps, systems, and platforms that developers are looking to build.

The Foundry’s Early Builders program will run through April-June 2022. We expect FVM Early Builders to participate in monthly workshops with the FVM team, engage in solution brainstorming and design, early testing, and developer experience feedback. A one-time stipend of $7,500 in FIL will be provided to each participant; extensions and development grants may also be available for continued work.

Participants should have knowledge in distributed/blockchain systems, web3, smart contract programming, and/or decentralized storage. For more background, check out the Filecoin Virtual Machine homepage.

Applications are due February 24, 2022, and selected participants will be notified by March 10, 2022.

Applications closed.

Thanks for your interest! All applicants will be notified by March 10, 2022.